BARKADA [bar·ka·duh] /bärˈkädə/


(in the Philippines) group of friends, clique, gang

"he spent his time drinking and gallivanting with his barkada"

This word is from the Spanish barcada (meaning “shipload” or “boatmates”).

Dishing up memories growing up Filipino-American and spending childhood summers visiting family in Hawaii. We aim to create a fast casual and laid-back atmosphere for all to join for many gatherings with your "barkada". 

Our small kitchen strives to serve those comfort islander dishes with sustainability, affordability, and community in mind. We work closely with local farmers & purveyors always searching for freshness and seasonality. 

“The tug is the drug”.jpg


Brian Madayag  is passionate about his Filipino heritage and has been known for routinely adding Filipino influences into his dishes. His childhood years were spent growing up in Edmonds with favorite pastimes of martial arts, motorsports and fishing all around the Pacific Northwest.


Madayag started his career in restaurants at Siam on Lake Union, the pioneer of thai cuisine in Seattle, where he learned every position in the front of the house. Brian then spent some years managing and tending bar at many establishments around downtown Seattle including the Pan Pacific Hotel, the Dahlia Lounge, Seatown Seabar and fist pumping venues such as Venom, Amber, and Volume Night Clubs.


Influenced by his heritage and dedication to culinary arts, Brian decided to take the next step and create his visions into reality. With support from his beloved family members and friends he pursued his culinary arts degree at Seattle Culinary Academy.

He then began his career with Tom Douglas restaurants. Where he worked all the positions in the back of the house spanning over a decade. After all the many years of learning and growing within the industry he finally decided to step out of his comfort zone and into his own restaurant. 

Brian continues to reside in Edmonds, married to his beautiful wife, Crystal, son Maverick and furry companion, Lola. Just living his dream.